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Just when you thought it was safe to go outside- Molecano: The First One…

Yes, all of these flavors have been baked into one chip.

When you get a brain freeze, but it tastes too good to stop…

You probably had no idea it was National Hot Dog Day…but it is. 

Can’t find a bowl for your RUFFLES Chips? Just use the bag!

RUFFLES Creamy Buffalo Ranch Dip, for chips and more.

Whoa…that’s deep. 

You spilled $38 worth of stadium food on yourself to catch a foul ball at the All-Star Game. And you didn’t catch it. 

RUFFLES Creamy Buffalo Ranch Dip + Mac and Cheese + RUFFLES Deep Ridged Hot Wings Chips = pure awesomeness.

1.       Acquire Mac & Cheese

2.       Stir in 1-2 tablespoons of RUFFLES Creamy Buffalo Ranch Dip

3.       Crumble a handful or two of RUFFLES Original Chips & RUFFLES           Deep Ridged Hot Wings Chips on top

4.       Bask in the delight of your excellent creation and enjoy!

Sun burned? That’s rough - try freezing some aloe vera for refreshing cubes of relief.

If you’re celebrating National Video Game Day, you remember how rough it used to be. 

You dip your way and I’ll dip my way. 

When you’re the one doing all the work, you have the right to stay cool. 

Don’t have speakers on the beach? Put your smartphone in a tall plastic cup, sit back, and rock out.

Life was rough when your phone service only stretched as far as the cord would allow.